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Taking on a pet is a very great responsibility and should not be done without serious thought and consideration.


If it is a puppy, kitten or other young animal, you will have to consider the cost of vaccinations and neutering, as well as good quality food and bedding etc.


Another important question is the life expectancy of the animal and whether you will be able and willing to care for it for the whole of it's natural life.


Responsible owners get their pets micro-chipped, so that if it strays or gets lost you can be traced as the owner and quickly re-united.


From time to time your pet may need veterinary treatment which could be very expensive. It is wise to insure the animal against ill health and accidents.


With the introduction of the Animal Welfare Act, every owner has 'a duty of care', which includes getting your pet to a vet if it is sick or injured, as well as providing basic care and attention to meet an acceptable quality of life level appropriate to it's species.


All these aspects must be considered when deciding to take on a new pet, but if you already own an animal, the same laws will apply and this may prove to be a financial burden which you cannot afford. 




Thinking of getting a pet?

Think carefully about the following questions:

- Can I afford the food, veterinary care and routine vaccinations?


- Can I really afford more than one (or two) pets?


- Can I provide the time, companionship and care that a pet needs?


- Do I have the necessary patience and understanding?


- Can I provide a safe and stimulating environment for the animal?


- Is there stability within my household?



Please visit the main RSPCA website

for animal care information, guides

and fact sheets






















Why have your animal micro-chipped?


The first thing RSPCA staff are trained to carry out when any stray animal is brought in, is to scan for a micro-chip.


Many owners each year are advised that their pet is safe in our care because of this service.


If you move, please contact the Micro-chip Register (details of which are supplied when your animal is micro-chipped).


For a nominal transfer fee, the identification micro-chip details will be changed.

01237 476688


Need to find your pet a new home?

First and foremost what anyone thinking about giving up a pet should consider is that this pet is your responsibility. Even if you can't keep him or her anymore, your pet still depends on you to do what's best for his future.


Sometimes, having a pet re-homed can be the most responsible thing to do for your pet.


If you need to re-home your pet, please telephone 01237 476688

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